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World Of Optics

Seeing the World of Optics in a Different Way


Vision is a vital part of the world

It almost goes without saying that vision is an important part of our society. However, people often forget just how important it really is. When one considers the role of vision in day to day interactions it quickly becomes apparent just how important it is. So many parts of the world are designed under the assumption that people will be able to look at them. For example, the currency of many countries is indistinguishable from each other by every sense other than vision. If someone was blindfolded and handed a hundred dollar bill and a one dollar bill than they'd be unable to tell one from the other. There's simply an underlying assumption that one will be able to judge the through the use of vision. But this example also hints at another aspect of the modern world. As important as vision is to day to day interaction, it's important in the scientific realm as well. But here things shift from natural vision to artificial optical systems.

Technology allows for a clear view of the world

Artificial optical systems allow people to see things which would normally be invisible to the human eye. For example, the reason that people know about microscopic life is simply due to the fact that they were able to directly observe it under a microscope. There's just as many examples of technology enabling people to see world changing things. But all of this is only possible thanks to Custom optics. These systems were once slowly and laboriously created by experts in the field. Today they're still manufactured and tested by experts, but the speed has changed dramatically. It's now possible to simply go online, enter the specifications for a lens, and order it with a click of the mouse. The optical system will quickly be constructed to one's specifications. And afterwards it will be tested by experts and shipped right to one's door.