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Shanghai optics has over 50 years in the optical design department. Shanghai specializes in custom optical lens design. Pre-engineered projection lenses are one of Shanghai’s specialties. Lenses of this kind can be made to order to meet a specific need or solution.

Shanghai can design and create lenses that offer almost perfect resolution with a very low distortion rate. The lenses offer exceptional color as well as what they refer to as anti-ghost techniques. The special anti-ghost techniques are necessary for a top quality optical solution. It is important to remember that Shanghai lenses carry a lifetime guarantee.

There are a variety of exceptional benefits that Shanghai lenses offer a low distortion rate, tight color registration and superb resolution. Resolution is important when selecting optical type lenses.

Zoom lenses are quite popular and are available in lengths old 10 mm to 90 mm. In addition, Zoom lenses offer exceptional flexibility and convenience. The motorized zoom offers a rotatable mount as well as a lock adapter.

Digital Projection zoom lenses offer a zoom ratio of 1.2 as well as an image circle of 21.5 mm. In addition, relative illumination of roughly 80 %. The specific motor selection makes the Digital Projection zoom lens unique in itself.

Scanning lenses provide minimal geometric distortion as well as increased modulation and illumination. These types of lenses are frequently used in high end scanning projects. In addition, Scanning lenses are almost always used in fabric testing projects and steel testing projects. All Scanning lenses generally provide a distortion rate of about 3%.

The focal length of the Scanning lens is between 26.5mm and 27mm. The built in motorized controlled iris is a huge advancement with the scanning lens. The scanning lens is one of the few lenses that has the built in controlled iris. Click on Custom optics for more details.