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How to Get the Best Custom Optics for the Money

If you have been buying your custom optics from an American company for the last few years, you may be at the point where you are now realizing the only way to get custom optics at a reasonable price is to move your purchases outside the country instead.

After all, it is not only possible to get high quality custom optics in other countries, but you can also get the best optics for the money as well. Here is how.

Look at companies in China -- The first and easiest step when it comes to buying high quality custom optics at a reasonable price is simply to move your purchases to a Chinese company instead of an American one.

Many of them offer the highest quality optics, but at prices you and your company can actually afford, and can make just about any kind of lenses you need.

Is there a large language barrier? -- When it comes to dealing with a Chinese company, you may think the language barrier is going to be huge. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. All of the top Chinese optics companies have English speaking staff, and some even have offices in the United States and Europe so you will be dealing with English speaking natives.

How to order -- Getting exactly what you need is easy as well, as most Chinese companies will allow you to submit your custom optics order via an online form or email.

Simply key in exactly what you need and ask for an estimate. You should receive this within 24 hours in most cases. It is then up to you to make sure everything you need is included, accept the estimate and then place your custom optics order with them.